Media Temple Review

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For the longest time, it has become very difficult for us to find a consistent and trustworthy web hosting company for my personal or professional requirements. Through the years, there has been innumerable picks that can flood your screen with a single search, and determining which works better than the rest is amazingly hard. We […]

BlueHost Review

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I currently maintain a number of Blue Host accounts and multiple sites. What I can say is that I did not encounter any issues with the setup, everything fell perfectly into place and the staffs of Blue Host were always there when I needed help. Their programs have always been a great fit for me. […]

HostGator Review

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While searching for a web host for my blog, I stumbled upon HostGator. I did some more research and found that Brent Oxley established HostGator, a web hosting business, while he was in college in 2005. In 2008, it earned the distinction as one of the fastest-growing companies in the world. This interested me since […]