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Voila! I am a very satisfied customer in SiteGround! You could quote me on that. My site had been working seamlessly since I went for SiteGround. No lags and no downtimes! This was practically a big improvement compared to my old host (shame on them).  I could seat back and relax and forget about the hassles I experienced before. Migrating to SiteGround had been a dream come true.

Their interface and graphics are something to brag about and their forum had been very helpful when it comes to small glitches and issues. I constantly visit them to check any trending topics or just to re-educate myself on solving simple issues on my own (just in case support is not there).

With SiteGround, you would have cloud VPS hosting service. This is a package that contains virtual private server with the benefits of cloud computing. This is a big YES feature that businesses should have especially if they need a secure and private network that is tailored with their business needs. This is actually the feature that had placed SiteGround in the map of web hosting.

SiteGround Customer Service – Good

Customer support had been fairly great since I was with them. They were pleasing and very helpful (thanks Janice). Response time is something that they could brag about. In no time, issues were solved and site is back.

In regards to customer service, it’s not always sunshine and daisies when it comes to dealing with them. I had a minor glitch before but I could not solve it, try as I may. I got someone on chat and explained my issue, I’m not sure if I was talking to technical but I got nothing out of the agent. It was frustrating. So, I signed out and composed myself first then logged back in. I got a different agent this time; she was competent and very helpful. Issue was resolved!

In case this happens to you, in whatever service you are trying to get help from, try to log out or hang up first. Get a breath of fresh air then try again. You might get lucky and get tech who could actually help you. If still not, then try again. One of their tech should have a solution to your issue so don’t be disappointed right away and start raving like a mad man.

SiteGround Drawbacks

An advice to SiteGround. I hated the packaging of your email. Email is an important aspect in my site. I have to keep records of them for future references, with the storage capacity that SiteGround has, it is impossible. They offer only 500mb of storage for my plan, which is ridiculously small! I really mean it, it is SMALL! In order for me to upgrade to a higher storage (my only other options are 1000mb or 2000mb), I would have to upgrade my whole plan. That would cost me $80 a month! Talk about expensive just because I need a higher storage. Compared to other companies, it would cost me about $40 a year for 5GB of email storage space. That would be almost $500 of saving in a year! Try revising your advertisement as to avoid customers questioning you about it and getting defensive when they push what they want. Make it clear and concise to avoid future troubles.

Who Should Go With SiteGround?

All In all, SiteGround had been a very reliable host and perfect choice for website owners or eCommerce websites. Uptime is 99.9% and my site’s speed went up to at least 40% since I switched host. You won’t regret with SiteGround’s hosting services which are fast, secure and flexible.

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