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I chanced on Netfirms web hosting as I moved about the internet highways, moving from one site to another, in my efforts to find a comparatively cheap but fairly good web host. Since I owned small business, I felt Netfirms be the thing for me, being a company dedicated to small businesses. It provides a solid series of features for shared hosting with unlimited bandwidth and disk space and at present hosts an incredible 1.2 million websites. I’ve heard some Geek mention that this web host used to have advance plans once, but I didn’t see anyone of them.

A bit of history

The Netfirms web hosting company was established way back in 1998 with Thomas Savundra as the CEO until Endurance International Group bought it out in 2011. It is primarily an excellent Linux based web hosting service, specifically designed for people ranging from individuals to business owners, most of the small business variety, as I found to my satisfaction.

I have always wanted to create a website for my small business of which I have high expectations, and so wanted to make a fair success of it. Before anything else, I wanted my website to be safe from the myriads of hackers, those who commit phishing with dishonorable intentions at heart and also those who ingest malignant worms and viruses and malware into my PC that I bought with the sweat of my brow! I wanted something dependable and affordable and one that can include the many videos and photographs that I possess in such abundance. Also, I need a Webhosting service that provides me with incentives and freebies just by choosing the right service.

Now I have found such a web host that can make all my great expectations come true, for I have discovered the Netfirm web hosting. Okay. I registered my site, within no time I had my very own unique I.P. address, and a domain name to boot. Now, what are the many features that attracted me, in the first place to Netfirm Web Hosting? Here are some of them, if you’re interested.

  • Now, Netfirm provides disk space to the tune of 10 Gigabytes. I am confident that I can save a lot of material that is quite important for me, such as my songs in both audio and video formats, my 1000s of pictures so on and so forth. And all these at a very cheap and affordable $4.45 per month! I found this offer interesting and extremely exciting. This also makes it highly affordable and cost-effective. The web host also provided me with the Photo Gallery Software that lets me manage all my pictures with comparative ease and afterward you can show everybody your pretty pictures.
  • Netfirms does not demand any kind of set-up fees as many others do. Apart from this, the web host has come out with a 30-day money-back guarantee and this means that I am not all at risk which is a great comfort. And in case if one is any way dissatisfied with the way things are run at  Netfirms, you can turn around and ask for a full refund without any questions asked and get it within the short space of a mere thirty days.
  • I found that Netfirm’s grid hosting feature is really cool and it is something that the company was among the first to develop.’
  • Customer service always appeals to me and as such the Netfirms business hosting plan of which allowed me to make toll-free calls to the customer service
  • Netfirm lets me have no less than five free domains with suitable hosting features. The platform on which domains are running includes Unix and Windows, all under a single master plan.

Once I availed myself of Netfirm’s advantages such as its support services, the web host helps me with domain transfers and how to use the control panel properly, so that I am always the master of my situation.

Now that I have understood all the various features of the Netfirm Web Hosting, I have better control over it and I can use it confidently.

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