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For the longest time, it has become very difficult for us to find a consistent and trustworthy web hosting company for my personal or professional requirements. Through the years, there has been innumerable picks that can flood your screen with a single search, and determining which works better than the rest is amazingly hard.

We have been looking at every company that brags about being the best web hosting site ever. Each one of them claims of great things to offer. Some will entice you with affordable pricing plans, outstanding hosting options, and great performance and feature selections. The challenge is we cannot try them one by one, cancel each when we feel we don’t like it or if the company is not living up to what it promised, and move on to the next web hosting firm. That’s just not good business. We just have to take offers on face value and how they were presented. And, after sizing up the competition, we finally chose what we thought had the best of what we need – Media Temple.

We first tried to run a simple intro site on Media Temple Hosting and the results were marvelous.  In fact, this amazing web hosting tool can boost your popularity whatever your site is – a personal blog site, an e-commerce site, or even a multi-page business site. Media Temple Hosting has it all when it comes to programs and features that you will need to get your site off and running. But, just like other web services, there are a few setbacks with Media Temple Hosting. To begin with, it isn’t the cheapest. But we all know that price usually comes with quality and Media Temple Hosting can deliver what it promises.

The truth is, one of the reasons why we chose a considerably costlier web hosting company is that we became utterly frustrated with an inexpensive, local hosting firm. We had to make a very difficult move, but it had to be done, or else, suffer the consequences of an ineffective website that brings in a meager amount of traffic in a month, not enough to bring in enough dough. We badly needed to change our hosting provider, transfer all our sites, and choose a better upgraded plan. It was like discovering that we are living in a house that’s too tight for us and coming to terms with the fact that it is time to pack up and go. The challenge now was to find a better home with better features, a structure that can house everything that we have and still have a lot of room to spare, an abode that can make us the talk of the town.

We spent an extravagant amount of time looking at the many hosting options available out there. We went online, made some phone calls, as friends and relatives, read reviews and forums, and we even made a list of companies which advertised the best web hosting offers. We really did our homework; we researched and read a lot of great things about Media Temple form Facebook and Twitter. And after that, we took the plunge and signed with them. Very few can ignore the half price hosting, that they offered and we immediately signed up for an entire year.

Setting up was amazingly uncomplicated. Everything was a cinch and if you have any questions at all about anything that has to do with the set up process, their wonderful staffs are always there to provide you with helpful advice whenever you need it. These are the reasons that reeled us in.

  • Any company, even the huge multinationals, get mixed reviews. You can never please everybody, that’s what they say. No one can get a hundred percent hands down set of positive reviews. But if you take a look at Media Temple’s Dedicated Virtual users, it’s as if you were listening to a church choir singing praises.
  • The kind of pricing that they offer is straightforward. With other hosting companies, every step you take elicits more promotions, offers, and deals. Media Temple has none of that, only pricing standards and zero gimmick deals.

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