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As I was browsing the internet, looking for a good web hosting company, I chanced on the iPage official website, which I later came to know to be one of the most well known companies in the field. As a businessman myself, I knew that the best way to find if a company provides quality service to its clients is by having a peep into their history. As I continued going through its various features, I was amazed to find that they have been in business ever since 1995. This might not seem all that long a time to many, but it was at a time when the internet was still in its infancy.

It was then I asked Fred, who used to be a colleague of mine and who was plenty tech savvy, about this company. He told me that in spite of the web hosting giants like Bluehost and GoDaddy, iPage deserved to be in the topmost tier, as it provides value proposition and overall quality, than both. It was then that I sat up to know why, and I was further amazed to know more about this great web hosting company.


I came to know that iPage used the fastest machines that there is, with a vast array of servers that are used to extend the necessary support to its clients. Their services offer redundancy, fewer interruptions as well as faster load times. In fact, iPage has not one but two centers in Boston, MA. Together, these two centers take up 2400 sq.ft of floor space, to maintain more than 800 servers with round the clock security. As if this is not enough, iPage offers a unique security suite that is exclusive to its subscribers. What’s more, this security suite also contains account specific spam and malware scanning, security badge as well as domain verification. iPage makes use of an exceptional hosting architecture where a website is served by a whole pool of redundant servers rather than just one backup server. I can’t emphasize the importance of all these enough. Now all these details boil down to the fact that here is a web hosting platform that you can count on with your eyes blindfolded.

Cost of hosting

Now let me come to the next important thing, the price! For many, the cost of hosting can be a deciding factor, especially when you’re on a budget. And this is exactly where iPage just shines. Typically, a web host charges you around $5 – $6 a month, for the most basic web hosting plan. However, the iPage plan destroys the competition with a low, low $3.50 a month. No wonder iPage is growing at such a rapid pace. I find that it doesn’t end here like most things with iPage, for iPage offers you many things besides, like beginner tools that help you create your website all by yourself, $75 worth of free advertising credits, step-by-step instructions to add the various apps to your site, unlimited hosting space, not to mention unlimited hosting and domains. By providing such an abundant package of useful tools as well as applications, iPage is a clear example of the saying “so much for so little”.

Control Panel

When I come across more and more of advantages I find myself repeating “Wow!” many times. When I came to the control panel I repeated the sound again, “Wow!” This is because while most web hosting companies make use of an ordinary control panel, iPage has turned in a totally new direction, only to use the unique deck control panel. Anyone in the business knows that the prime factor to consider before buying the services from any web host, is to find out what kind of control panel they use, as it is precisely the control panel that lets you create as also navigate through your own website. The vDeck control panel has around 75 tools as also services, thus enabling the user to make it even easier to create and navigate. As I sat with my mouth open just drinking in all these features, I found that the latest vDeck version 3.0 contains more than 200 tools and services that are extremely user friendly. Accessing your account information, buffed up virus and spam protection, comprehensive domain registration tools etc. are mere child’s play with this version. Surely vDeck can give cPanel a run for its own money.

Customer Service

When iPage leads every other web host by a wide margin, their customer service doesn’t lag behind either, particularly when the very basis of any modern business is customer service.  It is said the when GoDaddy and Bluehost stumble, iPage sprints, always ahead of the pack. Open e-mail, phone support, and live chat are the many means to contact them, and I found that they respond with a rapidity that is incredible.

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