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While searching for a web host for my blog, I stumbled upon HostGator. I did some more research and found that Brent Oxley established HostGator, a web hosting business, while he was in college in 2005. In 2008, it earned the distinction as one of the fastest-growing companies in the world. This interested me since I wanted to build my blog up to be a potential money-earning website in the future.

Current HostGator Hosting Plans

Unlike WebHostingHub or iPage, HostGator provides customers three shared hosting plans: the Hatchling, which is rather limited, the Baby, which offers more than the Hatchling, and Business option, which as you can expect offers a wider range of services than the previous two.

With the Hatchling Plan you are only able to host only one domain, but with the Baby Plan – you are able to host unlimited domains. With the Business Plan, aside from the basic features on the Baby Plan, you are given a private SSL, a cost free dedicated IP and a business number that comes with 100 minutes free talk time per month.

If you ask me the choices are rather simple. You go with the Hatchling if you are on a budget. Or maybe the Baby Plan is a better fit for you because you are going to be able to host several domains for your business. If you need a toll free number for your business along with unlimited domains, then the Business Plan could be the better option for you. While the Hatchling is very basic, it’s been an excellent choice for me since I only wanted to try out blogging. If everything goes well with my blog, then I can always upgrade to the Baby Plan, so that I can have unlimited domains to host if I start opening more blogs. HostGator offers hefty discounts and you can get up to 20% off on all the hosting plans, currently.

What’s good about these plans is I can upgrade from Hatchling to Baby or Business, and Baby to Business without shelling out extra cash. I only have to fill out the appropriate form and the company does the rest. This helped me a lot in the beginning when I didn’t know exactly which plan I wanted. I chose to start with the Hatchling and am now considering to upgrade in the near future to use more of the features that HostGator can provide.

The host also provides more advanced plans, if you need them. It offers reseller, VPS hosting, and dedicated hosting plans. I am glad I don’t have to worry about my website’s needs outgrowing my web host’s capacity, since they have awesome advanced plans like the ones just mentioned.

The shared and VPS plans work with the Linux platform. I have a choice of the Linux or Windows platform, if I opted for a dedicated server. VPS is divided into nine plans. The price will depend on your requirements. This is the same for both platforms. Running java will require a dedicated sever or VPS, but on every server, you will find Python installed. At the present time, HostGator does not offer cloud hosting.

As someone who is concerned with the environment, I appreciate HostGator for being a green host. Its entire operation runs on wind power and buys energy credits to power its reseller and shared servers. That’s definitely a company I can get behind.

Quality of Services

Some of the customers’ had feedback that the current services are not as good as when its founder was managing the company. They say that, although servers remain fast and staff remains knowledgeable and courteous as ever, there are some complaints that the host’s after sales services have slipped a bit.

The feedback is not all negative, of course. HostGator would be experiencing an exodus if that were the case. In fact, I discovered that after sales services is quite excellent with the host’s technicians immediately seeing to it that my problems are fixed. I didn’t let some negative reviews color my view on HostGator’s services.

How Did I Know HostGator Was Right For Me?

I considered many different criteria when evaluating this hosting site, such as offered features, after sales services, server performance, price and room for growth. Except for some reported issues related to consumer support, which the company promises to look into, HostGator did not disappoint.  There have been a lot of apprehensions about how the services of HostGator will be affected by the takeover, but I think the company appears to be doing real good considering the circumstances.

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