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I currently maintain a number of Blue Host accounts and multiple sites. What I can say is that I did not encounter any issues with the setup, everything fell perfectly into place and the staffs of Blue Host were always there when I needed help. Their programs have always been a great fit for me.

Before I start with this feedback write-up, I made some research and found out that Blue Host is not one of the firsts in the web hosting services industry. The company started in the mid-90s in Utah. From then on, they have and continue to host millions of clients. Blue Host, according to other reviews and feedback from forums that I have read, continue to strive to offer the best webhosting services by constantly upgrading their system and applying the latest innovations in communications technology.  With a veteran hosting team, this provider has come up with some of the finest web hosting offers to business owners and individuals alike. That may have been the reason why I always see Blue Host among a number of top 10 web hosting lists all over the Internet.

Aside from straightforward web hosting, Blue Host has also opened up for people who want to resell hosting. With this opportunity, people can actually dip their fingers on a lucrative web hosting business.  You can be a Blue Host reseller and the company will provide you with an awesome administration panel, a client billing and management software, a personalized edition of cPanel, a very powerful resource management technology that can actually help prevent downtime. Now that is one amazing set of options!

Let me explain that feature a little bit further. So that the company can fully protect a client’s website from stoppages and slowdowns caused by other users who abuse the use of internet space and to resolve other issues, the company has come up with a patented solution that provides a highly sensitive CPU resource allocation. This is why Blue Host is able to provide dedicated service at shared web hosting service prices.

Blue Host’s network infrastructure has been first-class, based on how experience things now that we have migrated all our files to this amazing website hosting company. Think about this – the Blue Host data centre has state-of-the-art quad processor servers, UPS and diesel power generator, mirrored storage backups, and round-the-clock tracking performed by a highly experienced technical staff. Their Internet connectivity is simply awesome. I cannot actually remember when we experienced any outage, if there was any.

In the past, it is so easy to get lost in the complex web hosting plans offered by many companies. That was not the path that Blue Host took.  The company took the effort to simplify their product range and offer a flexible, one size fits all program which is now known as the Platinum Pak. With only a single web hosting plan to pick from, the process of choosing becomes amazingly uncomplicated. However, there is the potential issue that this unique plan is not as unique as you want it to be and it does not offer the features you need in a web hosting package. As luck would have it, the plan that Blue Host offers is a cornucopia of a lot of features more than enough to provide the needs of even the most demanding client.

Imagine this, the Bluehost Platinum Pak plan will provide you with a whopping 1500GB of disk storage space, the same amount of bandwidth and a wide range of other features for $6.95 per month. And that’s not all, Blue Host will even allow you to host as many full domains as you want, and the same is true with sub-domains, all in a single account. This singe plan practically covers most, if not all, of the requirements of most clients. With features, I am talking about support for some of the most popular web languages such as PHP, Ruby on Rails, MySQL, and Python and most CMS platforms like Joomla and WordPress. The company also offers free SSH and domains support, services that we really benefited from immensely.

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