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We chose A Small Orange as our web host service provider because of a number of reasons. I have made some research on the company and here is what I found. This web hosting firm was set up a little over ten years ago. It has wonderful staffs that serve thousands of clients around the world. Bought by EIG in 2012, the original management team of A Small Orange was retained.

The thing that we liked about A Small Orange is the small but unique twists that infused to the site to make it a pleasant experience for its clients. And, they have one of the most distinct names in the industry, making them prominent and easy to remember. They also have a colourful template for their website which really encourages everyone to take a look.

The CEO and General Manager of A Small Orange, Douglas Hanna, writes for a popular blog on customer service called Service Untitled, an outfit which he also heads.  He has more than enough experience when it comes to web hosting being the Customer Service Manager of Hostgator.com before the company was bought by EIG.  He also serves as a Member of the Board of Advisors of the WordPress backup service called at CodeGuard.  The reason why I am mentioning all these on this review is to impress upon everyone that A Small Orange is manned by people who possess more than enough knowledge and clout to provide excellent support and customer service to all the company’s web hosting clients. In fact, it is just one of their much strength.

First Impression

The first thing that will strike you the moment you go to A Small Orange’s site is their unique and cheerful colourful branding.  It is perhaps one of the most pleasing web hosting sites we have visited. But, as they say, the quality of service is not all about looks, it’s about fulfilling your promise.

The site provides information on the different types of hosting that A Small Orange offers. They include shared hosting, business hosting, reseller hosting, hybrid hosting, cloud VPS hosting, and dedicated hosting.  This amazing progressive path for A Small Orange is what makes this web hosting service provider the choice of many novice online business people.

Signing Up

Going for the A Small Orange service is easy.  If you not sure of the kind of service that is right for you or you want to know more about a particular hosting program, you can go to the internet and chat with their staff and they will gladly answer any of your questions pertaining to the subscription. And you do not have to worry about being sales-talked to a more expensive plan. In fact, just like me, you can tart with the starter plan especially if you still have a considerably small WordPress site. You can easily upgrade once you feel the need to. On the coupons page of the website, you will discover a very helpful step by step walk-through of the whole sign-up process.

The things we like about this web host provider

Most web hosting firms will promise you a lot of good things such as ‘unlimited’ disk space and bandwidth. There is no truth to this at all. A Small Orange never makes this claim. They will provide you with a straightforward status of the disk space and bandwidth you will get, no frills whatsoever. Nevertheless, you can always buy additional bandwidth for just $0.50 per GB each month.

One other thing that sets A Small Orange apart from the rest is their terrific customer service. In fact, we tried them out by sending a complaint ticket, and we got a reply within the hour of sending. Seriously, there are no questions left unanswered with A Small Orange, showcasing their dedication to customer service and their genuine care for their clients.

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