I don’t know at first how web hosting can have an impact on the environment until I signed up for GreenGeeks. The company has grown by leaps and bounds and it has quietly built a phenomenal status among web professionals and businessmen as well. The company offers a wonderfully unique service because in line with their goal to earn money, they also understand the importance of providing great service and with the highest standards possible.

Today, the service they provide is enjoyed by more than 40,000 clients.  They offer eco-friendly service and all the amazing features that WordPress requires. The company has gained quite a reputation thanks to their awesome pricing, better compatibility, great performance, dependability and top notch customer service.


GreenGeeks has already received tons of awards, a lot of them were specifically for their eco-friendly methods, this amidst the type of industry that is popular to have a high impact on the environment. With GreenGeeks, for each energy unit that they get from the power grid, they buy triple the amount in alternative energy credits, in this case, wind energy. They are also known to promote and sponsor events such as Earth Day and the American Lung Association.

However, because a huge percentage of the earnings go to wind energy credits and other environmental patronages, some people may think that the web hosting service that GreenGeeks offer is pretty expensive. In reality, GreenGeek’s monthly fees which range from $5 to $7 every month, is actually very competitive. This only shows that other web hosting firms can actually reduce their own carbon footprint without compromising their financial setup.

Company Highlights

GreenGeeks web hosting service offers unlimited bandwidth, file space, domains and sub-domains, email accounts and databases. To make it convenient with their clients, their package includes Cpanel, the most popular control panel around the world. They also have high-volume content management platforms such as WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla. Using the script library made by Fantastico, GreenGeeks can provide you all the modern standards of web hosting. And, aside from all these standard features, GreenGeeks has other things to offer which makes them a very worthy pick when it comes to web hosting.

GreenGeeks has earned a wonderful reputation within the WordPress hosting community. In fact, it has already received great awards such as the Best Value Hosting and Best WordPress Hosting a number of times proving its hard to equal compatibility with popular online website developers.

Just like any careful investor, we made some research on how the company fared when it comes to feedbacks and reviews and according to a reliable survey, 94% of its clients are satisfied with the company’s services. When sorted out, the survey showed that 97% of their customers were happy with the software and panel used by GreenGeeks, the same percentage of clients are satisfied with performance and reliability, while almost 97% are pleased with the technical support.

WordPress Compatibility

Boosting its reputation as a provider of great web hosting service, GreenGeeks offers complete compatibility with WordPress. To make it more convenient with their clients, the setup offers a single click installer for the latest version of WordPress. Clients would be able to set up their sites with only a few clicks. Aside from that, it also provides truckloads of free WordPress themes which users can use to design their sites flexibly and without hassle.

GreenGeeks makes use of the latest and most powerful hardware equipment to make sure that their customers will receive only the highest quality and best performance once they decide to sign up for this web hosting service. It owns and operates data centres in many places including Phoenix and Chicago. All their servers operate on Intel Dual Quad Core Xeon processors, and they use large RAID-10 storage for optimum performance and redundancy. They also use Gigabit connectivity to their switches.


GreenGeeks WordPress hosting has been acclaimed by many because of its high reliability, thanks to the company’s high-tech facility. Because of the very powerful hardware that they use, their world class data facility, and not to mention their reduction on the number of clients using a particular server, GreenGeeks is among the few great web hosting service providers in the market today.

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